杭州萧山防尘停车场旧地坪创新改革 In before the pouring of concrete, the first is to establish the side mode, sets up a template should conform to the plans need to formation,an Jing, the best selection of die steel. Width across the 5m pavement sub branch of a template and section width is generally 4-6M, section contact expansion joints of range, not the same as paving material and different color models of color art floor. Manhole can be positioned in advance and make with the floor flat after the completion of the Qi (if not positioned in advance, it should be before concrete pouring according to wellhead scale to establish healthy and vigorous in the square or circular enclosure frame), assumed template is paved on the side of the stone or other materials, pay attention to protect them and to prevent pollution. (1) epoxy floor paint:Usually constitutes by the epoxy resin, solvent and a curing agent and pigments, additives, etc.. This kind of coating contains numerous floor paint varieties, such as no solvent self leveling floor paint, anti corrosion floor paint. Resistant floor paint, anti electrostatic floor paint and water-based floor paint, and its main feature is and the cement base adhesive force is strong, the effect of water resistance and other corrosive media and has very good coating film physical mechanical properties such as. Adapt to all kinds of factories, repair shops, golf courses, parking lots, warehouses, shopping malls, etc..(2) poly epoxy ester floor paintBased on polyether resin, polyether resin, acrylic resin or epoxy resin for the first division and isocyanic acid for B group composition, because of the hardness of coating film and with primary bond and so on as epoxy resin coating, the fewer species. Mainly used for elastic floor paint and non slip floor paint place. Contact: 4oo-o7o9-91o(3) other floor paintAs with acrylate resin and chlorinated rubber as base material, usually as a cement or concrete surface treatment agent, sealed, to prevent the leaking of efflorescence of water vapor, to coating and in the use of the protection of the coating in the process. Mainly adapt to all kinds of cement, concrete floor space.(4) anti-static floor paintThe static electric charge can be used to prevent the accident caused by the accumulation of static electricity, and the shielding electromagnetic interference and the prevention of the dust absorption can be used for various kinds of surface coating which need antistatic. Suitable for power plants, electronics factory workshop, explosives factory, computer room etc..2, the proportion of the water permeable concrete cushionIn order to reduce travel homework power and trek engineering quality bleeding representation, we need concrete construction to control the water cement than and slump. This is the key to affect the quality of the project.3, the construction of the water permeable floor cushion concreteNo on-site mixing of concrete segregation, secrete water, collapse degree, one to the label representation, shall not use early strength, retarding or other chloride containing additives together, can not be mixed with calcium oxide and its products, not using air entraining agent.4, concrete sequential stalls shop, in front of the concrete pouring, the average on the basis of the sprinkler, the purpose is to extend the concrete initial setting time, but not water. The thickness of the concrete should be flat with the elevation of the template (because of our products can not increase the thickness of the floor surface, so can not adjust the floor elevation and level).5, concrete should be adjustable by scraping bars scraping, use slurry and compacted, and homework with large wooden trowel troweling construction personnel. 在浇筑混凝土前起重要建立边模,模板的建立应契合方案的需要,要平整,安靖,较好选用钢模。宽度跨过5M的路面应分段支设模板,区段宽度普通为4-6M,区段应联系
艺术地坪举行差异。窨井可提早放置并使之与完成后的地坪平齐(若不提早放置,则应在混凝土浇筑前依据井口标准建立健旺的方形或圆形围框),假定模板为侧石或其他资料的地上铺装,要留心对它们举行维护,以防污染。(1)环氧地坪漆: 普通由环氧树脂,溶剂和固化剂及颜料,助剂等形成,这种涂猜中包括很多的地坪漆种类,如无溶剂自流平地坪漆,防腐蚀地坪漆,耐磨地坪漆,防静电地坪漆和水性地坪漆等,其重要特征是与水泥底层的黏结力强,可以耐水性及其他腐蚀性介质的后果以及具有十分精采的涂膜物理力学性能等。习惯各类工厂,修补场,球场,停车场,库房,商场等,地上场所。 (2)聚氧酯地坪漆 以聚醚树脂,聚醚树脂,丙烯酸酯树脂或环氧树脂为甲组分,异氰酸酸为乙组分形成,因涂膜硬度和与底层的黏结力等不如环氧树脂类涂料,其种类较少。重要用于有弹性地坪漆和防滑地坪漆场所。联系
:4oo-o7o9-91o (3)其它地坪漆   如以丙烯酸酯树脂和氯化橡胶等为基料,普通作为水泥或混凝土外表的处理剂,起关闭后果,防止泛碱水汽渗出,以利于涂料涂装和在应用
过程中对涂层的防护。重要习惯各类水泥,混凝土地上场所。 (4)防静电地坪漆   可以分泌静电荷,防止因静电积累而爆发事端,以及屏蔽电磁搅扰和防止吸附尘埃等,可用于各类需抗静电的地上涂料。习惯于电厂,电子厂车间,火工产物厂,微机室等。2,五彩缤纷
透水地坪垫层混凝土的配比需要  为了行进作业功率和行进工程质量削减泌水表象爆发,咱们需要混凝土施工方一定要操控好水灰比和塌落度,这是影响工程质量的关键。3,五彩缤纷
透水地坪垫层混凝土的施工需要  现场拌和的混凝土不得有离析,泌水,塌落度纷歧至,标号不行的表象爆发,不得应用